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SecureCentral IdentityAccess Manager 60-day Trial Edition 4

No Image on providing support for web single sign-on (SSO) and Authentication, Authorization and Audit services for heterogeneous enterprise applications. IAM provides centralized user management, password-based authentication, session management, password management and comprehensive audit logs and reports. IAM can be installed and run on both Windows and Linux operating systems, and can be accessed through a single, unified web-based interface using any

.NET SAML Suite for CS VB ASP.NET 4.0: Adds support for SAML v1.1 and v2.0 single sign-on (SSO) to your ASP.NET apps
.NET SAML Suite for CS VB ASP.NET 4.0

The Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) suite for .NET adds support for SAML v1.1 and v2.0 single sign-on (SSO) to your ASP.NET applications easily. The library also offers the flexibility, ease of use and rapid development features of a component without the complexities of in-depth knowledge of how the SAML is implemented. The toolkit is fully compliant with the OASIS Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) v1.1 and v2.0 specification.

saml2, component, single sign on, saml, asp net

PDF Signature Signer 2.0: Sign PDF document with X.509 certificate in PKCS#12 (PFX) format without Adobe
PDF Signature Signer 2.0

Signature Signer is a software program to sign PDF documents using X.509 certificates. The supported signing identity is PKCS#12, which evolved from the PFX (Personal inFormation eXchange) standard and is used to exchange public and private objects in a single file. PKCS#12 usually stores a private key with the appropriate public key certificate. PKCS#12 is the only accepted X.509 certificate by PDF Signature Signer. PDF Signature Signer features

private key, pkcs, signing, certificate, x509, signer, stamp, digital, eletronic, public key, signature, sign

kSign 2.0: kSign will digitally sign EXE,DLL,COM,CAB and OCX files - without signtool.exe!
kSign 2.0

sign your files one at a time or all in a batch with the easiest code signing utility available. kSign does NOT require signcode.exe or signtool.exe or any SDK download from Microsoft. Best of all, it`s free! No large Windows SDK download, a graphical interface, batch signing, zero price. All reasons to choose kSign for your code signing needs. kSign does not require signcode.exe or signtool.exe, or any other library from Microsoft. A single ~3MB

authenticode, signcode, digital signatures, signtool, digital signing, code signing

DigiSigner Mac 4.0: DigiSigner is a free tool to digitally sign PDF documents
DigiSigner Mac 4.0

sign. - DigiSigner produces completely Adobe Reader compliant digital signatures, which can be verified in Adobe Reader and vice versa. - Easy to use batch signing functionality. - Certificate generation is also supported in DigiSigner. - Place the signature wherever you want in the document using your mouse. - Create invisible and professionally looking visible signatures with DigiSigner. - DigiSigner shows and verifies existing digital signatures

pdf reader, pdf signer, free, certificate, sign pdf, digital signature, x 509, smartcard, pdf viewer

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ID-Sign for MS Office v2.8.2

sign any Office document. ID-Sign supports offline signature verification as well as online certificate validation using CRL and OCSP. ID-Sign is designed to be secure for business use, making it impossible to hide fraudulent contents in a digitally signed document. ID-Sign is designed to be used in any enterprise applications that require legal-binding, non-repudiatable digital signature, including billing, procurement, online contract, collaboration

paperless office, electronic signature, digital signature, digital seal

Java HTTP Client 2.6.0: Java HTTP client plug in compatible with JDK HttpUrlConnection; supports NTLM V2
Java HTTP Client 2.6.0

Provides features not found in the Sun HttpURLConnection implementation: NTLM V2 support, pipelining, single sign-on, Apache Axis/Axis2 support, WebDAV support, many different timeout options, tracing, source code availability, and quick support. Completely plug-compatible with HttpURLConnection.

ntlm, java http client

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